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Use Find to search across all of the workspaces in your organization to quickly locate someone (or find a Slack channel if your space is Slack-enabled).

Locating Someone

  1.  Type the name or email address of the person you are looking for in the Find field at the top of your People View.

  2. Find returns all matched results, across all workspaces in your organization.


Find Slack Channels too

If you’re working in a space that is integrated with Slack, you can use Find to search for Slack channels. Learn more here.

One-Click Actions

When you type in a person’s name in the Find field, up to five results will be returned in action card format. If there are more than five matching search results, the results will be displayed in a filtered list instead.

The action card format makes it easy to:

Even if the person you searched for is in a different workspace, the action card will allow you to take those same actions to connect, assuming you both have access to each other’s workspaces. Learn more about cross-space collaboration here.


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