People View: Slack-Integrated Spaces


With Slack-integrated workspaces, here's what you need to know to maximize your use of People View:

  1. What the Slack hashtag tells you
  2. Finding Slack channels & group chats
  3. How the Recent conversations section works with Slack channels

Slack Hashtag

You will see the Slack hashtag used to identify:

  • Slack contacts connected to this Sococo space, who are also members of the space, but currently not online in Sococo. These people are still available to you to message or "get" from Sococo because they are online in Slack

  • Slack contacts who are not members of this Sococo space. From Sococo, you can message them and see if they are online or offline

  • Slack channels and group chats


Finding Slack Channels & Group Chats

You can use search to find Slack channels and/or group chats. When fewer than 5 matches are found, they are displayed as one-click action cards. If more than 5 matches are found, the results are displayed in a filtered list.

As shown in the screenshot below, from a one-click action card you can:

search_slack-3.pngHow "Recent Conversations" work with Slack Channels 

Good news: lots of activity in your Slack channels won't reduce the relevance of your Recent conversations

Slack channels are added to the top of your Recent conversations list only when you post directly to them or you are @ mentioned.  

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