v6.2 in Production! (Apr-2-18)

v6.2 in Production! (Apr-2-18)

We have been working hard at Sococo and have some exciting updates for you! 

New Features:

  • Add Shares - Post urls to planning dashboards, team calendars and third party applications by adding shares. Learn More
  • Introducing People View - People View is your sightline and action center.  See availability and collaborate in the moment to get work done!  Learn more
  • Cross Space Collaboration - You can chat, knock on a door in another workspace or get a colleague to come over from her workspace to join you in yours.  Learn more
  • New Via Menu - a new Via Menu makes it very clear to each space member when another chat message service is connected and available to use.  Using the Via Menu, you can select an integrated chat service - such as Slack - or Sococo's native chat for each chat session.

Bug Fixes:

  • You will now be able to view Mouse Movement on a Screenshare in our Native App
  • We have fixed a few Slack bugs that were creating duplicate badges for messages received
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