Unable to view screenshare

There are a few different reasons a screenshare could show as black or blank. One reason is if the person is sharing a program or document and then minimizes what they are sharing to their taskbar/dock. If the sharer restores the program/document window, it should appear again for others to see.

Another reason a viewer may see a black screenshare is if their security software is blocking the stream. Most home security software will not do this, but if you are part of a larger organization, you may wish to contact your internal help desk and ask them to confirm that the network settings are optimized for Sococo. You can also try logging into app.sococo.com (or your team's custom URL, if applicable) through your Chrome browser (if you are currently in the desktop client) to see if you can view the screenshare from there. 

If most meeting attendees confirm that they can see a presenter's screenshare, but you are seeing only black, try leaving the room in Sococo and coming back in, or try switching back to the map view and then back to the media view to see if you can then see it. 

Check to make sure that your screenshares are not blocked in Sococo's settings by clicking on the connection quality icon in the upper right corner of Sococo and confirming that screenshares are toggled on. If you do not see this option, please contact Support for assistance. 

If you continue to have issues with blank or black screenshares, as the issue is occurring, please go to the ≡ menu icon at the top left of Sococo > Report a Problem to open a ticket with our Support Team.  

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