Host an External Meeting in Sococo

Holding external meetings in your Sococo workplace allows you and your distributed team to work synchronously in your online office across a variety of platforms. An external meeting is a video meeting launched in third-party platforms such as Webex, Skype, and Zoom directly from your Sococo online office. Work with your distributed teammates, external clients, freelancers, other departments, and more as you hold external meetings in Sococo.


How to Launch an External Meeting

1. Right-click on the name of the room you’d like to host the meeting in and select “Connect to external meeting.”


2. Copy and paste the meeting URL from the third-party video conferencing provider and click “Start meeting.” Click “Start meeting” to launch the external meeting in your browser.



NOTE: Starting a meeting immediately triggers some important prompts:

  • An icon will appear next to the room name communicating that an external meeting is in progress. (It’s a powerful nudge to those that are late to the meeting!)

  • Sococo audio, video and screen share media will be disabled for those in the room while the external meeting is in progress. No need to turn on your microphone or video in Sococo, just launch the external meeting and get to work. Chat will be available throughout the meeting, allowing you to share links or send messages in your Sococo workplace.


3. To bring other teammates into the meeting, send them a “Get.” Once they enter the room, the meeting link will appear and prompt them to click and join the meeting in their browser—no need to send around an email with the meeting link. Your teammates can also join the meeting by right-clicking on the room name and selecting “Join external meeting.”


4. To end the meeting (and return to your usual Sococo workplace experience), right-click on the room name or click the notification window and select “End external meeting.” Don’t forget to close the 3rd party application as well.


Any questions? Live chat with our friendly support staff by clicking the blue question mark button in the bottom left corner of your Sococo Map. See you in Sococo!

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