Invite Slack Team Members into Sococo

Once you’ve integrated your Slack channels into your Sococo virtual office, you can easily invite your teammates to join you in Sococo via Slack. Your space moderator has the option to choose how Slack team members come into the office:

Default Option:

The default option allows anyone from your connected Slack team to join Sococo without sending an email invitation. Once your office fills up, a Sococo moderator will need to add additional seats before any new Slack team members will be able to claim a seat.

Note: Your moderator will still be able to send email invitations to Sococo to teammates who aren’t members of your Slack team.


Invitation Option:

The second option only allows teammates who have been sent an invitation to join you in Sococo. To use this option in your virtual office, have your space moderator follow the steps below:


1. Select the menu icon in the top left corner.


2. Select “Settings.”


3. Under “Integrations,” select “Slack Integration.”


4. Toggle on the option “Require an invitation for members of my Slack team to join my Sococo organization.”



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