Join Sococo via Slack

Ready to get to work in your team’s virtual office? Once your team has integrated your Slack channels into your Sococo office, you can easily log into Sococo via Slack.

Your space moderator has the option to choose how Slack team members join Sococo—they can allow any member of the Slack team to join by logging in with Slack, or they can require invitations for all new members (including Slack team members). Check with your space moderator to see whether or not you need an invitation to log in.


Here’s how to log in to Sococo with an invitation:

1. Click the “Click here to accept your invitation to join [space]” link.


2. Enter a new password, read over our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click “Create Account” to join your new virtual office.



You can also login via Slack for easy access to your Sococo office. Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to or open the Sococo desktop app.

2. Select “More ways to log in.”


3. Select “Log in with Slack.”


4. Enter the name of your team’s Slack workspace.


5. Sign into your team’s Slack workspace using your Slack team’s login method.


6. Select “Authorize.”


7. Voila! You’re ready to work side-by-side with your team in your Sococo virtual workplace.



If you try to log in and your moderator has not sent you an invitation, you will receive the following message. Reach out to your moderator and request an invitation to join the Sococo space.




Once your office fills up, your moderator will need to add additional seats before any new Slack team members will be able to claim a seat. You’ll see this message if your moderator needs to add more seats:




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